Cutting Boards

Assorted Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards and Display Boards should be functional, yet worthy of display. Low-end woods and plastics need not belong in your post-dorm lifestyle. Our boards have live edges, and allow nature to drive what a board ultimately will look like. Since these are 100% authentic hardwoods, no two boards will ever be alike due to different striations, edges, and grains. These live edges make the board unique and natural, and a great way to serve meats, cheeses, snacks, sushi, and anything else from your kitchen. On many boards, you will see a branding with the Italian words “CUCINATO” (cooked) and “CRUDO” (raw) to ensure you do not cross-contaminate your food – cutting only raw foods on the raw side and cooked foods on the cooked site. Our Display and Cutting Boards make a perfect hostess gift, housewarming gift, shower gift, or wedding gift.


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How to pick your Cutting Board?

  1. Select which handle you would like. Clockwise from upper left: 1911, MP-5, Darryl Hall, the Crane, and John Oates.
  2. handles1

  3. Select the size and edge. Small or Small live edge (6” x 20”), Medium or Medium live edge (8” x 24”), Large or Large live edge (10” x 27”)
  4. Select the species. Cherry, Maple, Walnut, or Exotic.

Various Boards

Animal Farm Cutting Boards: ~20″ x ~10″ by 3/4″

These cutting boards come in from the farm in various species, so you know where exactly to prepare meats, seafood, or vegetables, and you never cross-contaminate either cooked “CUCINATO” or raw “CRUDO” foods, and for example, never cut vegetables on the Slim Pig board. These come in the following Animal Farm versions.

  1. Swiss Cheese
  2. Pepper Pete
  3. Slim Pig
  4. Flying Fish
  5. Holy Cow

Glow in the Dark Serving Boards

For the couple who has everything, get them a glow in the dark display board for easier night land navigation to and from the grill. In a world of identical cutting boards and boring plastics, comes live-edge wood boards with natural checks or cracks that are filled with an epoxy and phosphorescent substance to make a cool blue glow that can stay bright for up to two hours depending on how long you leave the board exposed to sunlight.

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