Art & Cutting Boards

Can I buy something now?

Yes. I am proud to be a featured Veteran Maker on Etsy. Check out the Etsy store. Although I do not label myself an artist, you can buy “wall art” that hangs on your wall and cutting boards that work in the kitchen.

Assorted Cutting Boards

Cutting Boards and Display Boards should be functional, yet worthy of display. Low-end woods and plastics need not belong in your post-dorm lifestyle. Our boards have live edges, and allow nature to drive what a board ultimately will look like. Since these are 100% authentic hardwoods, no two boards will ever be alike due to different striations, edges, and grains. These live edges make the board unique and natural, and a great way to serve meats, cheeses, snacks, sushi, and anything else from your kitchen. On many boards, you will see a branding with the Italian words “CUCINATO” (cooked) and “CRUDO” (raw) to ensure you do not cross-contaminate your food – cutting only raw foods on the raw side and cooked foods on the cooked site. Our Display and Cutting Boards make a perfect hostess gift, housewarming gift, shower gift, or wedding gift.

The MP-5 Cutting Board

What brought you here? Using a leading search engine, I am the only known maker of an MP-5 Heckler & Koch cutting board. For the discerning MARSOC veteran, or even SEALs, this can be custom made of any species so you can be the CQB hero of your next dinner party.

Various Boards

Glow in the Dark Serving Boards

For the couple who has everything, get them a glow in the dark display board for easier night land navigation to and from the grill. In a world of identical cutting boards and boring plastics, comes live-edge wood boards with natural checks or cracks that are filled with an epoxy and phosphorescent substance to make a cool blue glow that can stay bright for up to two hours depending on how long you leave the board exposed to sunlight.

Carbon Fiber Humidors

Q: What do you get for the man who has everything? A: a carbon fiber humidor. Custom built with customization to any size, this model was built to hold fifty cigars. This humidor is made from real carbon fiber on the outside, with kiln-dried Spanish cedar on the inside to keep the cigars at a perfect humidity and temperature. Can be sold complete with wireless hygrometers so your recipient can boast of having a carbon fiber humidor who can check the humidor’s humidity from the golf course, board room, or G5. Prices start at $650 and go north from there.

Secret Compartment Valet Box

This simple box is not simple – constructed of carbon fiber with dovetail joinery, it has a false bottom that could store things you may not want friends, quasi-allies, governments, drones, the Hamburglar, or anyone else to see. The removable top tray holds your watches, cuff links, jewelry, changes, and other small items, while the hidden compartment holds your…other items. Can be custom sized to fit your H&K, for those who are wondering.

Panel Covers

In the oft-overlooked field of unnecessarily-expensive electrical panel covers, this one stands out. Originally commissioned for an obscure Middle Eastern prince, this bird eye maple and curly maple cabinet are sure to impress friends and influence others. Leading San Francisco-based furniture critics call ownership of this piece “The 8th Habit of Highly Effective People.” Can be custom fit for electrical panel covers of non-Middle Eastern royalty, also.


Merchandise. Coming Soon. Whether you are at the game, lounge, workshop, pool, or fantasy football draft, these tech material shirts and hoodies will make you stand out. As Won-Ton “Animal” Chin, the famous fashion designer, once said, “The best accessory for a woman is a handsome and kind man in some sweet merch.”

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