Future Primitive Walnut and Carbon Queen Bed

The essence of custom furniture is that it is your design and idea, and that it should be unique, and cool, too. First a primer: live-edge means nature dictates what the edges look like. Bookmatched means when opening a book you see the identical figured wood on each page. Slabs are pieces cut from a whole tree as-is. This bed has Virginia walnut live-edge slabs for the head board and foot board coupled with linear pieces framing the slabs as highlights. Crotches are where limbs meet, and the foot board crotch needed a massive void filled with carbon fiber and epoxy as a quasi-futuristic highlight. This is Future Primitive woodworking.

Nature’s Headboard

Visualize all clients if they were as amazing as this one: basic guidance was, “…build a cool looking platform king bed.” ‘Cool’ to one may not be cool to another, but I let Mother Nature determine the top of the headboard – it follows a curly cherry striation in all its random glory. Note the book matched 12″ wide planks and the right side of headboard. This is the creation of a one-of-a-kind headboard. Shown in King, can be built in any custom size. This is Future Primitive.

Money Bed

The difference between a hand-made bed of real hardwood and a store-bought bed machined from MDF and veneer is night and day. Hidden 8″ screws combined with free-floating tenons are the secret sauce that makes this a multi-generational bed that your grandchildren will enjoy.
Beds are not very complex to make, once you crack the code of how you will safely join the side rails to the headboard and footboard. Shown in Queen, can be built in any size. This bed also has a nod to Accenture of the early 2000’s and can be made in curly matched sycamore (CMS), which, back then, in a time far from present, meant Chicks Making Slides.