Custom built-ins made to fit your exact dimensions. This 2″ thick walnut top, or “eight-quarter” to hardwood artisans, is sure to make your space pop when combined with quality cabinets. Unlike most furniture, this is not veneered hardwood over plywood, this is real American Walnut custom fitted to your kitchen, study, dining room, butler pantry, or wherever you need an authentic wooden slab.


Carbon Fiber Live-edge Waterfall Table

Waterfall tables have at least one joint that shows continuous grain at a 90 degree joint – in this case from the top to side leg. This table is made of live-edge walnut from windfall Virginia sources. What makes this one of the most unique tables around is the Future Primitive concept mixing futuristic carbon fiber legs and arms with timeless and primitive live edges. What makes this somewhat even more quasi-futuristic is the cantilevered legs through which the lower carbon fiber apron flows. This is not your grandmother’s carbon fiber furniture; this is Future Primitive.

Rotating Bookcase

This spinner stands 48″ tall by 14″ wide by 14″ deep, and rotates smoothly on a lazy Susan device rated to 1000 pounds – heavy-duty enough for your books made of paper and / or depleted uranium. 36 dovetails on this bookcase join the sides to the top as well as all 4 shelves to the sides. This is a beautiful piece that can be customized to any size. With it double opening, you can place books in each side, and then in 1/4 of a turn, you can hide your guilty pleasure books in seconds from nosy guests. This will be able to spin around for your lifetime.

Sofa Table

Where to display your wedding gift vases, children’s toys, or hold your single malt whilst your whole crew is lounging? Easily fits behind any sofa or custom made to fit in your lifestyle room.

Corner Display Stand

Do you have homeless curios? Bring them back to the prominence they deserve in a custom-built corner display. Alternating or uniform hardwoods provide a beautiful place to display your wedding gifts, things you bought that one trip, and other cool things you are exactly thinking about right now.

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