Live-edge Walnut Dining Table

Stunning walnut and sleek carbon fiber accents make this a unique table for generations to come. Thick 8/4 (2″) bookmatched live-edge walnut with steel quadrilateral legs make this a conversation piece, dining table, homework table, and kitchen table. The carbon fiber accent brings the Future Primitive look to this 8′ long x 3′ wide table.

Live-edge Teak Outdoor Dining Table

Think about most outdoor tables? Flimsy, rusty, neglected, etc. Think no more. This outdoor dining table made of 4″ thick (16/4) Costa Rican teak out of a single slab will be the envy of the outdoors. There is simply nothing like a beautiful outdoor table in which to enjoy company and nature. The rust-free aluminum base requires no maintenance as does the top. Finished in teak oil and two coats of polyurethane, you simply need to cover this nightly to protect it from the elements. The table is 85″ long by 36″-40″ wide. Other slabs are also available. The natural void in the middle of the table adds character and allows for ample creativity.

Adjustable Height Desk

You need this table. You want this table. Made of sustainably-harvested Virginia hardwoods such as walnut, maple, cherry, or beech, this adjustable height table sits atop a high-end motorized base that raises and lowers the table from 24″ to 50″ with the push of a button. No lifting or cranking required. The adjustable height table base comes in grey or black. The dimensions range from 30″ deep to 60″ wide and can be as large as 36″ deep by 72″ wide. Custom touches include center drawers and routed pencil grooves, so your pencil and pens never fall off the side again. Shown in walnut with a center convex carve out to maximize ergonomics.

Chess Table

This was my first Virginia-based piece. It was inspired by the artisan, good man, and good friend Brett. The right height, width, and form for a chess match. Or, place it in a corner and have your friends think you are secretly part of the urbane chess set. We have made many of these tables with many different bases and different tops. Also pictured is an Ambrosia Maple and Black Walnut table atop cherry. I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal in chess. Chess people know me.

Spalted Beech Breakfast Table

Somewhere between a statement dining table that seats twelve and a side table sits this breakfast table perfect for two, three, or four. 36″ wide and made of stunning spalted beech, I make these in most American hardwood species and widths up to 60″. The legs are modeled after the smooth lines of a Lamborghini Murcielago. Spalting is a process that creates Jackson Pollock-like thin black irregular lines in the wood.

Zebra End Table

Virtually all the hardwood we use are FSC certified woods. Except this one – with an asterisk. When Prada’s flagship Manhattan store – covered in Zebra Wood (from Gabon) – removed some of its conspicuous wood, those rough boards became the boards that became this table. Provenance? Sure. Cool looking? Yes. PETA friendly? Definitely.

The American Bad Ass Coffee Table

Working with real wood, I come across pieces that have interesting stories. This live-edge walnut slab had a .45 caliber round embedded in it, and it simply had to become some sort of badassery furniture. I will build your custom side table in any shape and size. Shown in live-edge walnut for the top, legs, and base. Dimensions are 25″ tall, 18″ wide, 24″ deep.

End Tables

To make a cool coffee table, I employ several joinery tactics – sometimes using a waterfall joint – where you could see the grain run continuously from the top to each side. I also make some huge finger joints to show beautiful joinery. These live-edge or linear pieces can be custom made to any size. Internal shelves are free-floating, and adds extra horizontal storage for your books and magazines.

Vanity and Bench

Using the same handwork details found in our full-sized writing desks, this vanity offers the same rich sensory experience on a smaller scale. This piece exudes Future Primitive fusion combining Zimbabwean Wenge with Pennsylvania Bird’s Eye Maple to make a striking addition to the powder room.

The Senor Felipe Blanco Telephone Table

Bolivian Rosewood is a dense, hard, and beautiful hardwood. The joinery is unnecessarily complex, but completely apropos – through dovetails, mortise and tenons, and a unique free-floating bottom shelf. FSC certified wood.

Live-edge Walnut Coffee Table

Furniture on the fringe. In the Renwick? Or a hilljack’s living room? This fits as comfortably in your Upper East Side loft as it would in your hunting cabin in any Southern state. One-of-a-kind live edges make this a unique centerpiece. Can be custom built for any living space.

Audio-Video Cabinet

Custom made of American Walnut and live-edge English Walnut, this open stereo cabinet is worthy of your audio equipment. The one-of-a-kind live-edge top is suitable for your turntable, vacuum tube amps, or other stereo gear. Solidly built to exacting standards of discerning audiophiles, this cabinet is solid and functional, yet is a work of art. High-end audio gear should not be relegated to big box afterthought “furniture”, but deserves a solid conversation piece of clean lines and beautiful woods. Piece is 3 shelves, and can be customized to 2-6 shelves.

High-end Vacuum Tube Live-edge Audio Rack

Somewhere in between obscenely priced $25,000 tricked-out movement-dampening audio racks full of lead and hubris and low-end store-bought veneer furniture lies audio gear for the absolute audiophile. Made of 100% Virginia windfall hardwoods, this solid and strong four-piece rack is sure to hold your high-end gear for many LPs to come.

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